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August 25, 2009


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Ryan Bates

How does this compare to the Whenever gem? It looks like there are some differences, but it has the same basic idea behind it. What motivated you to build this over using that?


David Bock

The whenever gem looks fantastic - I love their dsl for scheduling.

This work predates that gem, and frankly, I didn't know it existed... This is an extraction from a few real-world projects we have been working on for years. I bundled it up for our own use so we'd have consistency between them, and thought it worthy of sharing.

While I like whenever's DSL, I like this gem's use of lockfile, the logging conventions, and the removal of the tasks before the deploy continues. I'm not a fan of the crontab surgery whenever is doing - I did the same kind of thing in my recipe in 'Advanced Rails Recipes', and I have seen that fail in odd ways.

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